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Virgin Gorda

What to do in Virgin Gorda? Check out "The Baths", one of the most popular attractions in the baths all the BVI. "The Baths" are located about 1.2 miles south of Spanish Town, at the southern tip of the island (between Spring Bay and Devil's Bay).
So what makes "The Baths" so unique? The area displays the history of the islands volcanic past, which dumped granite that has since eroded into piles of boulders on the beach. The area abounds with tidal pools, tunnels, archways, and scenic grottoes. Since 1990, the area has been recognized as a "BVI National Park".

While on Virgin copper mineGorda, you won't want to miss the Copper Mine. These ruins, located on the southwestern tip of the island, are testament to the island's history, dating back to the mid 19th century. Still today, remains of the chimney, boiler house, cistern, mine shaft, and rich veins of copper can be seen.

Jost Van Dyke

With a population of barely 225, Jost Van Dykes gives many reasons to slow down and appreciate life at a pace unlike anywhere else. Stop by Foxy's at Great Harbour and meet the world famous calypso comedian himself, Foxy Callwood.

If Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke isn't off the beaten path enough for you, head around the east end of the island to Little Harbour. Foxy's Taboo restaurant is perfect for a peaceful lunch and post culinary soak in the "Bubbly Pool". Nature's perfect jacuzzi, the "Bubbly Pool" is a tidal pool that bubbles up when the north facing swell hits the surrounding rock structures, causing the energy of the ocean to break into billions of pleasing bubbles!

Norman Island

One of the most popular snorkeling sites in the BVI, the caves at Norman Island offer the experience of a night dive during any time of day. These three water level caves are located at the western edge of "The Bight", which is the protected cove located on the northwestern side of the island.


If you work-up enough of a hunger snorkeling, a sure bet for grub is the "Willy-T". This 100ft floating bar/restaurant is frequented by sailors and locals alike.

Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit
Off the eastern end of Jost Van Dyke are Green Cay, Sandy Cay, and Sandy Spit. Among other things, great beaches and snorkeling abound. Sandy Spit is probably the most photographed piece of land in all the BVI. Its the euphoric Caribbean setting, with white sand beaches and two picturesque palm trees.
Marina Cay
This flower covered eight-acre island is surrounded by a majestic white sand beach. The island is nestled in a sheltered lagoon whose shallow waters are always calm and crystal clear. It is the ideal place for snorkelers to enjoy the colorful fish and sea life that inhabit the coral reef and the lagoon. The island is also home to an award winning Pusser's Restaurant specializing in seafood and Caribbean cuisine.

Unlike the other British Virgin Islands, Anegada is a flat atoll and is not volcanic in origin (its formed of limestone and coral instead). Its highest elevation of 28ft above sea level explains its nickname, "the drowned land".

Anegada is sparsely populated, with about 200 perminant residents. Another 200 or so tourists daily make the trip to enjoy the quiet stretches of beaches.


Guana Island
At 800-acres, Guana Island is located less than half a mile north of Tortola. Snorkelers will love “Monkey Point” and the island is a great stop when in route to Virgin Gorda and Marina Cay. Monkey Point is well known for magnificent snorkeling adventures with assorted marine life.
The Dogs

This group of uninhabited small islets is renowned for great snorkeling and is located approximately 6 miles north east of Tortola and 2.5 miles north west of Virgin Gorda in the strait of Sir Francis Drake Channel.

dog islands




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